Sunday, October 4, 2015

New title just published....

My latest book, Out of the Cauldron, is now on Amazon as an ebook and a print version.

 Here's a blurb:

“All witchcraft comes from (desires), which in women is insatiable…Wherefore for the sake of fulfilling their (desires) they consort even with devils.”

There was a time in Europe when one could detect the sickening smell of roasted flesh throughout the countryside; when a ride through a town included dead bodies hanging from trees and scaffolds in the town square; a time when distrust and finger pointing were the staples of neighbors, siblings, and even a best friend; when screams of pain and torment could be heard above the cacophony of village life. This was a time when thousands of people, most of them women, were accused of witchcraft, of loving the Devil, of taking part in sabbats, of flying through the air on their broomsticks, of putting curses on those they didn't like, and of kidnapping babies from their cradles. The Catholic Church and men of power were the major contributors to this extermination; and with the addition of superstition and general ignorance, you had a perfect but tragic picture of one of the worst holocausts in history.
Out of the Cauldron includes quotes from the Malleus Malificarum or the Witches Bible, one of the most important sources of information for witch-hunters, in addition to quotes from other important works including the Bible.

The print version has more than 20 pictures of woodcuts from Medieval time, depicting the lives of the people at this time, however, the ebook version does not.

If you read it, please leave me a review...thanks.

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