Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy 2015!...Resolutions and all that Jazz....

Oh...oh...I've been thinking of this for quite a while now...waiting until we lift those champagne glasses... to start my new year of promises to myself.  This usually lasts about 2 weeks, but I'm trying for an all time high of 365 days...Here goes:

1) Watch your mouth...don't let any unkind things pass your lips (this is most difficult, especially when I've spent the better part of my life putting one foot in my mouth while extracting the other.)

2) DO ART!!!  (this means no more procrastinating...do SOMETHING artistic every day, even if it is to cut pictures out of a magazine and put them in your art journal...SOMETHING!!!!!

3) Meditate Regularly (what happened to the Zen monk who for 30 plus years spent each day meditating for at least two hours?  Wait...I just found her...hiding behind her stack of books.)

4) Watch your mouth!! especially in school where the kids push you to the limit.

5) WRITE!!! there is no excuse...just get some words on paper every day, even if they are crap!

6) Finish your book Out of the Cauldron so you can submit it for publication (sometime before 2016, I hope)

7) Watch what you say!!

8) Practice loving kindness every moment of every day!

9) See your cup half full instead of half empty!

10) WRITE Poems again!!

Well, I guess that is enough...too much and I'll forget everything before the day is out.
 Happy New Year!!