Thursday, April 16, 2015

Motive for recommendation

If you are in the mood for a psychological suspense book, do pick up Mel Parish's latest book called Motive for Revenge in print and online at

                                                       cover designer - Jonny Gillard 

The book opens when Jake Cornish, on vacation in Maine with his wife and children, is eating in a diner when he spots someone who makes the blood drain from his face; someone who he never thought he would see ever again. The reader is slowly let in on the fact that three years ago Jake was kidnapped, tortured, and held for ransom while on vacation with his family in Hong Kong.  Now, here in Maine, in a diner, and again on vacation, he sees one of his captors, Alicia, a woman who he impregnated during his captivity. Jake follows her home knowing that if she is in Maine, his other captors are not far behind. The idea of revenge is sweet as he plans on how and when to get his revenge.

Unfortunately, he has never told his wife the entire truth about his captivity, especially about his laision with Alicia, so he now has to be silent about who he saw and why he suddenly seems distracted and on edge.  He begins to stalk Alicia while planning his revenge on the men who kidnapped him.  However, when the police arrest him for a crime/attack at the house he has been watching, he starts to trap himself in lie after lie in order to keep the truth from his wife and from the police because he has no proof of the kidnapping. The nail-biting tension increases as the reader knows about the hell that this guy is going through, all because he is keeping secrets that he perhaps should have come clean about three years ago; as deeper and deeper he digs a hole that may eventually bury him.