Monday, October 6, 2014

Speaking of DNA and the science of our bodies...Don't miss the latest documentary (link below) on cannabis as a basic cure-all for a plethora of dreaded diseases that humans are subject to.

This is an intelligent documentary which explains how our bodies make use of the cannabis that is already in our brains, to heal our bodies and how, due to the toxins, etc of our modern way of life, the level of natural cannabis has declined tremendously.  The movie also talks to doctors and researchers who are doing incredible research in the healing effects of this natural drug and shows how pharma companies are setting up manufacturing plants (all under the radar) to grow thousands of the cannabis plants themselves, in the hope of selling it, in various forms, in the future.

Let me be clear, that I was never a druggie...always had a stigma against recreational drugs like pot...was horrified if I heard of any people in my family or friends, who used it I was really profoundly influenced after seeing this movie.  IF, the claims of scientists and doctors are true, this could be the most important medical discovery since aspirin and penicillin!  And it's natural to our planet....if you get my meaning.

Link: Please Watch This: Very Important